Pivot Point – Kasie West

pivot pointApparently there are those with super power mental abilities who have built a large society hidden from view in central Texas.  Mood control, memory erasure, mass manipulation, and clairvoyance are examples of skills.  When Addie’s parents announce they are divorcing and her father has decided to live among the Norms (that’d be us) Addie has to choose which parent she will live with.  As something of a clairvoyant, Addie can see her own future.  So she takes a moment to search the different paths her life will take based on her parental unit choice.  It is as if she lives months in a matter of minutes.  The chapters alternate between her two paths.  Bad things happen in both futures and her best friend’s life is in danger. The
teen dialogue almost got a bit tiring, then again, this is a book targeted to
teens. However, the pace is brisk and soon we were involved with dastardly deeds, mind control, and several mysteries.  I’m reminded a bit of X-Men and the TV show, Heroes.  It is a good premise and has the same conundrums as time travel – if you know the future, then can you change the future and if you change the future then the path that is searched will truly be ever changing so it really is impossible to see the future.  The writer has hit the target audience with a story they will enjoy.

eGalley review    Publication date 2.12.13

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