Ghoulish Song – William Alexander

goulish songThis second book in the Goblin Secrets series takes place during the same time frame as Goblin Secrets, but focuses on a character that has just a few lines in the first book.  After Kaile gives the goblin acting troupe some bread as payment for performing in their family bakery, one goblin thanks her with a flute made from the bone of a drowned girl.  A particular melody wants to be played and that inadvertently causes her shadow to detach.  A person without a shadow is deemed dead, so her family holds a wake of sorts and ignores her as though she is dead.  She leaves home seeking answers. Kaile is a no-nonsense, practical thinking girl making the best of a bizarre situation.  An intriguing world has been created opening up so many storyline options, including back story.  One character who has a story to tell is Vass, Graba’s witch protégée.  I hope to read more of her in the next book.

eGalley review    Publication date 3.5.13

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