Raven Flight – Juliet Marillier

ravenflightHer first weeks at Shadowfell were spent resting, eating and slowly gaining strength after her long and perilous journey.   Neryn now feels comfortable and secure.  All the people around her are so loving and caring.  Well, almost all.  Tali is cold, harsh, obviously doesn’t like Neryn at all. Unfortunately Neryn is now spending time with Tali, working hard to build her strength and learning to defend herself.  But the work doesn’t last long.  Time is short and Neryn needs to find the three Guardians to complete her training as a Caller.  The rebels trying to overthrow Keldec and end his harsh rule are depending on Neryn.  So with Tali as a reluctant bodyguard she leaves the security of Shadowfell to find the Hag of the Isles.

This sequel to Shadowfell starts slowly, catching up readers on the events of the first book.  I enjoy the Celtic setting with the Scottish accent of the Fae Folk and the background descriptions are detailed and alive.  This book was full of both, but I missed the tension of the first book.  It’s a quiet book, not a great deal of excitement, as Neryn carefully learns to use her abilities.  Much of the action and plot development occur in the last few chapters, setting the scene for book three. Mostly, it’s a book about putting aside personal preferences in order to achieve a greater cause.

NetGalley review    Publication date 7.9.13

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