Unthinkable – Nancy Werlin

unthinkableIn this sequel to Impossible, Frenella, who inadvertently started the family curse by the Faerie lord, pleas for death after 800 years confined in faerie.  The fey appear to have little compassion to her plight but agree by setting conditions for accomplishing her wish.  She must commit three acts of destruction . . . on her own family.  I have enjoyed the author’s books for years.  I favor her suspense/mystery dramas a tad more than her books on the faerie realm.  I did enjoy the cleverness in Impossible.  However, Unthinkable, seems a bit forced.  After all those years in faerie, Frenella should know that the fey are not altogether straightforward in their bargains.  And the love interest happened awfully quick.  In learning Frenella’s life history, I did feel sorry for her, but I just don’t see the draw to her.   She does not seem to have a winning personality, then again, she has been through a great deal.  The best character is Ryland, the prince turned advisor cat.  Teens who enjoyed Impossible will appreciate the follow-up.

eGalley review             Publication date 09.12.13

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