Dead to Me – Mary McCoy

dead to meAnnie and Alice are daughters of a movie studio publicist who caters to the stars by providing perks and cleaning up their image. This duty also includes rounding up pretty young ladies to decorate star parties and perhaps more.  This is 1950s Hollywood.  Annie and Alice are very close sisters so why would Annie leave home without saying goodbye to her?  Why was she found years later beaten near death, clinging to life in a coma?  Alice teams up with detective who knows her sister and has questionable motives.  So many people do not seem to be who they say they are.  With danger at every turn, Alice strives to expose the cover-up of a murder and discover the mystery behind her sister’s beating.  The ugly underbelly of the film industry during the 1950s is exposed.

This is a proper mystery/detective story told with deliberate pacing.  The reader is exposed to the puzzle as Alice enters her sister’s world.  Someone betrayed Annie, but who?  Well-crafted!  It is a mystery story that continues to linger with me.  Highly recommend.

eGalley review               Publication date 3.3.15

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