The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski

winner's curseThe conquering Valorians!  Greedy to possess other lands and enslave people.  But what happens when slaves rebel, when countries decide to fight back?  This is the story of Kestrel, the Valorian General’s daughter who is raised in conquered Herran.  On a whim, she purchases a slave, Arin, and begins to see him as a friend . . . or more perhaps.  Little does she know, he is part of the plan to retake his country.

Rich characters and a delicious plot punctuate every nuance of this story.  The author could easily have made Kestrel in to a privileged whiner of a brat, but no, not the General’s daughter.  She has a fierceness to her that demands respect from the reader.  And Arin, the perfect hero –  who can sing!  What more could a girl want.

I have admired Rutkoski’s other young adult books and am always thrown deep into the storyline, unwilling to come up for air.  Will the sequel be as good or just a bridge to the conclusion?  Highly recommend!

Publication date 3.4.14

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