The Lost Tudor Princess: The Life of Lady Margaret Douglas – Alison Weir

Lost Tudor PrincessLady Margaret Douglas was the daughter of a queen, a granddaughter of a king, the niece of a king (Henry XIII), the mother of a king, the grandmother of a king. She was an important Tudor, a royal Tudor, a woman who was very involved in the politics of the day and shaped history. And yet, I had never heard of Margaret Douglas. Fortunately, Alison Weir has ably corrected that. This wonderful book reveals an intelligent woman who worked so that her children might rise to power, and was not afraid of the risks to herself.

Many of her letters survive and in them you can feel her despair, her fear, her frustration, and above all, her determination. There are also other primary sources, so the book is rich with interesting details of her long life. I love the details, the lists of Christmas gifts and fabulous gowns and jewels. But if that isn’t your thing, just skip them. I highly recommend this book, and I am very glad that the story of this strong woman’s life has been told.

eGalley review                        Publication date 1.12.16

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