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The Impostor Queen – Sarah Fine

A careful balance of ice and fire magic has protected the Kupari people for generations through the queen, who reigns until the magic kills her.  Upon the queen’s death, the girl in training becomes the new queen when all of … Continue reading

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Midnight in Broad Daylight – Pamela Rotner Sakamoto

The Fukuharas were living a comfortable, middle class life in a small town near Seattle even though Katsuja and Kinu, who were born in Japan, were denied the opportunity to become American citizens and denied the opportunity to own property in … Continue reading

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Passenger – Alexandra Bracken

Etta comes from a line of time travelers.  But she doesn’t know it.  She was raised by her somewhat aloof and eccentric mother.  Etta is a violin prodigy and on the night of a major debut, during her solo, a … Continue reading

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The Lost Tudor Princess: The Life of Lady Margaret Douglas – Alison Weir

Lady Margaret Douglas was the daughter of a queen, a granddaughter of a king, the niece of a king (Henry XIII), the mother of a king, the grandmother of a king. She was an important Tudor, a royal Tudor, a … Continue reading

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The Children’s Home – Charles Lambert

Morgan has been grotesquely disfigured in an accident and has become a recluse, heir to a fortune but never leaving his estate. Cared for by his housekeeper, Engel, his doctor is his only friend and his only link to the … Continue reading

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