A Million Suns – Beth Revis

I reviewed the first book in the planned trilogy, Across the Universe, in October 2011.  A Million Suns continues the story with new and somewhat reluctant leader, Elder, facing a mutinous crew now that they are off the pacifying drugs.  Elder, the clone of the previous leaders, and Amy, mistakenly awakened from her cryogenic stasis, discover the ship is dead in space.  The ship is not moving toward their destination planet for colonization.  Or is it?  Excellent writing again!  And a good example of what can happen to a society that suddenly has freedom of thought and will.  It is not a smooth transition – at all!  Violence, murders, and riots abound while Amy chases after clues that the previous Elder left her.  The final book in the series, Shades of Earth, will be published in January 2013.  Highly recommended.

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