Peaceweaver – Rebecca Barnhouse

The historical fantasy setting is 6th century Scandinavia and the scene of constant fighting between the clans.  Hilf is the niece to the Scylfing (Swedes) king and is prone to spells of hyper-adrenaline when she skillfully uses her sword to kill the would-be assassin of the young prince.  Instead of receiving praise for her actions, she is exiled when the king promises her as the bride to the new King Wiglaf of the Geats.  Is this truly a peace offering or is betrayal intended?  Hilf displays her warrior skills during the treacherous journey to her new king and learns to respect her new people.  Hilf is a rich character.  She is raised as nobility but not overly spoiled.  She can hold her own and values honor.  This companion novel to The Coming of the Dragon, a retelling of Beowulf, stands alone.  But now that I have read Peaceweaver, I will go back and read The Coming of the Dragon because the author is a superb storyteller and I want to know more about Rune aka King Wiglaf.  Highly recommended.

This map from Wikipedia might help:

NetGalley Review   Publication date 3.27.12

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