Grimalkin The Witch Assassin – The Last Apprentice (bk 9) – Joseph Delaney

The storyline in the highly addictive The Last Apprentice series continues with the focus on Grimalkin, the witch assassin.  The books must be read in order.  Tom is the apprentice to the Spook whose mission is to hunt down and bind evil creatures; many are staunch supporters of the Fiend.  The Fiend is the root of all evil and deserved to have his head severed in the last book by Tom, the Spook, and Grimalkin working together.  The entire book is about Grimalkin’s efforts to keep the Fiend’s head from falling into the hands of the Fiend’s legends who intend to unite the head with the body.  That would be very bad.  The horrendous kretch designed to kill Grimalkin leads to plenty of fighting scenes where we witness the splendor that is Grimalkin.  Her cunning and bravery along with that of her devoted friends bring emotion to the emotionless witch’s story.  While I am ready to continue with Tom’s story, I want more of Grimalkin.  The series deserves the huge popularity it enjoys!

NetGalley review    Publication date  4.17.12

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